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Liv Buli’s Weekend Reading: Is Apple A Mean Girl? Could Taylor Sue Kanye? This Week in Music and Much More

image from www.hypebot.comAs she does most Fridays, Liv Buli, the Data Journalist for Pandora's Next Big Sound shares what she's paying attention to, as she parsed data while also taking the cultural temperature. Liv often sees what matters before the rest of us; and shares it on Hypebot .


If I could have your attention for like three more seconds before you drop everything and run screaming out the door to enjoy the long holiday weekend, I have a few links for you to check out. 





Happy Fourth of July America! 

Let’s get the ugly stuff out of the way first. Spotify is pii-iiissed at Apple, cause they blocked the most recent update to the app. Apple says it is because Spotify won’t follow their billing model, Spotify reportedly claims it’s about competition. En garde!

And not that this is related, but like a hot minute later the WSJ reported on rumors that Apple was in talks to pick up Tidal. 

I, on the other hand, am more interested in whether or not Tay Tay can sue Yeezy over the “Famous” video. (I totally called that she would turn up in this video by the way, and I wasn’t entirely wrong.) 

The Department of Justice handed down a pretty critical and controversial ruling to the PROs this week.

And remember when Sony agreed to buy the rest of ATV off the Jackson estate a few months back? Well, it turns out the EU could go ahead and block that. 

I’ve been bugging all my Uber drivers this week for feedback on the Pandora integration. I think they’d rather I just leave them alone and listen to the music. 

And I hadn’t thought about the Gorillaz (and how awesome they are) in a while, until their numbers blew up after they re-released a bunch of classic videos. Just goes to show you, you don’t need a bunch of publicity stunts to get a attention if you have great. f***ng. music. 

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Let’s give it a gander shall we? It’s been a while. 


Enjoy the long weekend, your exodus to the beach may commence.

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