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Is Spotify Also Eyeing Tidal? Kayne West Shares Insider Info, Calls On Apple To “Give Jay His Check”

kayne westLast month we heard rumors that Apple was exploring the purchase of Jay Z's Tidal streaming service. Since then, we've heard nothing, until this weekend when Tidal co-owner Kayne West took to Twitter with some apparent updates. 

And in an unexplained reference to the CEO of Spotify, West added:

It's doubtful that West's rant will influence the negotiations, except perhaps to reinforce the close relationship between Tidal and many major artists.  But it is quite possible that, as a Tidal shareholder, West has inside knowledge, which could include a bid by Spotify, as well as Apple, the acquire Tidal and its 3 million subscribers.

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  1. Meh. More irrelevant ramblings from someone who is either broke, or a millionaire, depending on which day you talk to him…

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