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Pokemon Music Explodes On Pandora

pokemongoThe growing Pokemon craze has found its way to Pandora. Last week, there was a 1194% increase in adds for the Pokemon station on the music streamer. Compare that to when Drake’s highly anticipated Views was released in April, he had a hefty lift of 240% that week.


Top 5 Streamed Pokemon Tracks On Pandora

1. Pokemon! Kimi Ni Sameta (Pokemon! I Choose You!)
2. Tabidachi (The Adventure Begins)
3. Jitensha De Go! (Go By Bicycle!)
4. St. Anne Mata Gou (The Ship St. Anne)
5. Mezase Pokemon Master (Wake Up, Pokemon Master!)

80% of the station’s listeners are between 18-34, and the largest majority of them live in Los Angeles.

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