Singer-Songwriter Michelle Shocked Protests Her Own Show

Michelle ShockedThe final in a series of what would have been three concerts by singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked, originally scheduled for July 33rd at Newberry Music Hall was canceled after Shocked conducted a musical protest at her own show.


fistMichelle Shocked was performing a series of three dates at the venue, covering one of each of her first three albums, when before the second show took place, she had a falling-out with her musical and business partner, Josh Chambers. The Albany, NY Times-Union reported that Shocked then sat in the back seat of Chambers’ Jeep, playing songs and refusing to get out.

When police finally convinced her to get out of the vehicle, she then hung a banner in the alley behind the club and began to play again until Putnam Den owner Tiffany Albert backed a truck into the alley and drowned out Shocked's music with heavy metal Chambers told the Times-Union.

In an email sent to the Times-Union following the publishing of the story, Shocked said that she was "occupying my own concert" and that she had been threatened with being arrested for trespassing if she entered the club.

The shows were part of a small tour of upstate New York that was intended to act as a prelude before Shocked performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Shocked previously courted controversy with after a string of her shows were canceled in 2013 after she used a gay slur on stage during a show in San Francisco.

via Celebrity Access

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