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Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Slaps Phone From Fan’s Hand At Concert [VIDEO]

mobile phone at concertFans engrossed in using their smartphones to share a show present a dilemma for musicians.  They want fans to spread the word, but expect them to experience the performance and not distract those around them.  Artists from Adelle to the Lumineers and now Slipknot have found their own solutions.



If you've got front row seats for a Slipknot concert, you might want to keep your cell phone safely tucked away.

In a video posted to the band's social media, the band's frontman Corey Taylor can be seen to notice a fan absorbed by his phone and then slap said phone out of the fan's hand, knocking it to the floor beyond the security barrier.

"Pay attention, or don’t be here."

This isn't the first time Taylor has expressed his ire at people using their phones during the band's shows. In a 2014 interview with Detroit radio station WRIF, he recounted a story of pouring water on another fan's phone.

“Oh my God, it had to have broken her phone. And then she was just bummed for the rest of the night, and I just kept shrugging at her, going, ‘Hey, it’s a live show. Pay attention, or don’t be here,’” he said. “People need to unplug and realize that they’re missing their lives, dude. It’s sad. And that may be me just being an old jerk, but I don’t care. I don’t care. Truth is truth; it doesn’t matter what age you’re at.”



via CelebrityAccess


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