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Soundcloud Aims Straight At Spotify, Apple Music With “Artist Stations”

SoundCloud_logoSoundcloud is looking and feeling more like a mainstream streaming music service every day. Earlier this year, they launched the ability to start a Station – a radio-like stream of similar content – from any track. Now they've expanded Stations to artists.


image from soundcloud-wpengine.netdna-ssl.comSoundcloud users can now start Stations from the profile pages of all artists on the service. Tap “Start Station” on any artist profile for a stream of tracks similar to that artist. Tracks in a Station are refreshed every time the users starts the stream and they can skip tracks while listening.

Soundcloud Explains How It Works

"The algorithm behind Stations serves content in a different way than the Suggested Tracks feature we recently launched. Stations serve a longer queue of songs that are a mixture of similar, new, and popular tracks related to the track or artist you started the Station from, for an experience closer to listening to the radio.

If you have a SoundCloud Go subscription, tracks from the entire 125 million strong catalog will show up in Stations and Suggested Tracks. If you use SoundCloud for free, you’ll still be able to listen to tens of millions of tracks with both features.

The potential for discovery on SoundCloud is virtually limitless. Stations and Suggested Tracks are part of a larger effort we’re undertaking to make it easier for you to find new artists to love and revisit the artists you already do."

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