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The Music Industry’s Complex Relationship With YouTube Explained In Just 50 Words

Youtube_logo“According to those who oppose the service, YouTube is slowly killing the music industry, one tiny cut at a time. It is anti-artist and anti-copyright, they claim. Meanwhile, every major artist has a channel on YouTube and wouldn’t dream of releasing a new record without YouTube involved in its launch.”  – Eamonn Forde, The Guardian via MusicRedef



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  1. Exactly. YouTube is killing the music industry, not the music; and this is very encouraging. Music was, is and always will be free. All past attempts by some companies to industrialize the music will fail. YouTube has been deindustrializing the music for many years now.

  2. In the future music will be transferred across every service that allows people to connect, message and use rich media in their messaging. They can focus on taking down YouTube if they want to, but pretty soon every app will be a little bit of Napster unintentionally. More than music will be “free” and most of that will be “off-grid.” Good luck industry folks!

  3. Imagine if there was an app that had a chatbot that would intelligently suggest music “in time” (a la playlist style) by having automated, artificially intelligent conversations with their friends and social network to see what’s popular, hot, trending, connecting based some some real-time life experience or situation, etc. This chatbot could interact with any social network or messaging app. This is the type of thing that would grow too fast for the Music Industry to stop without going against the grain of culture and innovation that there beloved “consumers” are in favor of. See, it’s gonna get pretty bad…

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