You’re Buying The Wrong Size T-Shirts And Your Band Is Losing Money [Size Chart]

TshirtAs music sales decline, making money from merchandise grows in importance and sizing the mech you buy in advance is probably the area where most artists get it wrong. So, here’s a breakdown of the main sizes of mens/unisex t-shirts that you should use as a baseline.


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  1. T-shirts are ugly, and are not the way musicians should be making a living.
    Let’s work on correcting the market value of music instead.

  2. I agree that music is undervalued, but I also believe that the monetary value of music has been massively over-inflated by the industry for decades.
    We’ve only physically sold music for the tiniest fraction of the history of mankind.
    Music has value, of course. But to insist that musicians make their income primarily through music itself is having only the most recent of views of the history of music, and also not understanding that we are *never* going back to the days when people would pay $15+ for an album.

  3. Gone are the days when people would pay $15 or even $20 for an album.
    Gone are the days when people would pay $1 or even $2 for a single.
    Music is free.
    We are not going back.
    All record stores will shut down.
    All record labels will also shut down.
    Everyone that sells music will soon his income reaching zero dollars.

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