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Artist Growth Upgrades Artist Management Platform, Releases iOS, Android Apps With Offline Access

image from crunchbase-production-res.cloudinary.comOrganizing the disparate data that constitute a modern music career, even for a developing artist, can be an overwhelming task. Only a small handful of companies have attempted to solve the problem; and for a growing number of artists and their teams, Artist Growth is the holistic answer.



image from artistgrowth.comPopular touring and music business management platform Artist Growth has released a new design alongside iOS and Android apps that add offline access.

 “Artist Growth has proved to be an essential tool in the world of tour management," says Matt Eldridge, Artist Growth client and tour manager/production manager for the band, Moon Taxi. "Be it merch-management or road reports, no questions are left unanswered."

“Music is a mobile industry unlike any other. Having team-based access to data in the mobile context is critical," says Artist Growth co-founder, CEO, and recording artist, Matt Urmy. "Our mission is for our clients to reclaim hours of their life each week, so we obsess over our interface being beautiful and easy to use. I know what a constant grind it is to be on tour, so we aim to provide technology that is the opposite…beautiful and straightforward, robust and powerful."

This launch also includes a face-lift for the Artist Growth product line.

Nashville based Artist Growth has received $2 million in funding to date. 

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