Building a good website as a musician: Important Steps to Take

MusicianModern day musicians understand the fact that websites are vital to their establishment in their target market and beyond. This is because websites help musicians to engage with their fans whilst making new ones and also helps them make money. Unfortunately, many are discouraged from getting a new website due to setup and maintenance costs whilst focusing on social media.

MusicianThere is nothing wrong with the social media and streaming service approach, as long as you don’t intend to attract the top influencers in the music niche. Bloggers, managers and brands who would like to partner with musicians tend to pay more attention to musicians with websites as they are deemed professional.

Costs should never hinder you from getting a website as a musician. You can get a functional website for less than $1000. You can also get it for $20 a month if you elect to go with some of the template based options we will see later on.

One thing you should keep in mind, is that simplicity is the major factor in web design for your target audience. A simple design doesn’t cost much and will still get the job done. This is perhaps most seen in the gaming industry.

For instance, of the many new bingo sites launched in the last year, many of them look alike. Still bingo players throng to them. Simplicity is to the advantage of the bingo companies because players are already used to a certain template. Sticking with the norm instead of reinventing the wheel therefore increases chances of success. This web design principle works in a variety of areas including the music industry. Here are top tips for getting a quality website as a musician.


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