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Frank Ocean’s New Album Gets Exclusive Apple Music Release Friday

frank oceanYesterday, we shared that Frank Ocean was teasing his new album in ways that strongly suggested some kind of Apple exclusive. Now we have confirmation and details of Apple Music's role in the much anticipated release. 


Frank Ocean's new release "Boys Don't Cry" will be released this Friday on Apple Music.  Apple has scored a 2 week exclusive, according to multiple reports.

Apple and Ocean began cryptically teasing the new release over the last few days on a new site, which includes one image with an Apple Music logo, and a sometimes-on live feed only viewable on Apple's Safari browser or one of it's mobile devices.

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The Ocean deal is the latest in a series of high profile exclusives that Apple Music has obtained to counteract exclusive releases on Tidal and other competitors. Apple Music exclusives have included Chance the Rapper, Drake, Eminem, Future, Pharrell,and the 1975.  Travis Scott recently hinted that his upcoming album would also be an Apple Music exclusive.

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