FREE WEBINAR TUES. – Pop, Country, Dance, Hip-Hop Fans Examined

image from ci6.googleusercontent.comLearn topline results from the new study "Music Genres: How Different Fans Consume Music” tomorrow, August 2, from 2-3 PM EST. LOOP (Lots of Online People), the power behind the new Music Biz Consumer Insights, will present data to support:

  • image from ci6.googleusercontent.comHip-Hop and Dance fans exhibit the most next generation digital behavior and over-indexed on time spent listening to on demand streaming services.
  • Reflective of their next generation digital behavior, Hip-Hop and Dance fans dedicated most of their listening time to smartphone/cell phones.
  • Dance and Hip-Hop fans are also the biggest spenders when it comes to music.
  • Dance fans said they would be prepared to pay a premium for music of a superior sound quality.

“Music Genres: How Different Fan Consume” is the second report being released through Music Biz Consumer Insights. Following the webinar, a 4-page sample of the report will be posted for download by Music Biz members and the full report will be available for purchase at a substantially discounted price.



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