Instagram Stories For Songwriters

2By taking a leaf out of Snapchat's book and adding 'stories' to its platform, Instagram has created a new avenue through which artists can reach their fans, allowing songwriters to build a more personal connection with their listeners.


Guest Post from Trill Trax

Instagram has taken the next step in disappearing memories, founded originally by Snapchat. The update by the product, now owned by Facebook, allows users to add video content or pictures that are only viewable for 24 hours. Just like Snapchat, the content can have filters added to it to enhance it, write your own wording and draw illustrations with a pencil tool. For artists, this new tool can be a breakthrough for reaching new fans. 

Instagram (IG) stories allows people to reach a much larger audience. As more social networks come into play, choosing which one works best can be difficult. Snapchat is the originator of the disappearing content. However, the con with it, is telling people outside of that network to follow you there. 

Consider with each network, new fans have to be directed to other outside networks. For example, telling Facebook fans to tweet you or Twitter fans to like your IG post. 

With IG stories, content creators can reach the few or the many followers they already have with ease. One attribute that stands out is the lack of an image to give an idea of what the content is on IG. Instead, users just see the name and bio pic from the person who created the reel. 

As a songwriter, stories gives you an option to share how and where you create music. It also lets you share who you are and what your personality is. Imagery of cooking, reading a book or working out all allow potential fans to become a part of your lifestyle. 

Since IG stories is relatively new, songwriters can grab ahold of it and build a collection of videos and imagery to build fans. 

Keeping content in house also saves time. Uploading content on Snapchat requires the user to save it to their camera, then upload it to Facebook or Instagram. With IG, users can now upload various portions of their feed directly to IG as its own standstill imagery. 

Overall, the creation of IG stories is great for songwriters to share content. Keeping content short and direct makes it easier for potential fans to digest it.

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