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Spotify Paid Subs Up 9 Million In 6 Months, Working To Offer Artists “A Full-stack Solution”

Spotify newSpotify now has 39 million paying subscribers, up 9 million from 30 million in March.  By comparison, Apple Music announced 15 million in June and TIDAL has about 4 million paying users. The new stats were shared by Spotify's recent high profile hire Troy Carter who also shared the music streamer's plans to offer a "full stack solution" for artists.


A Full Stack Solution For Artists

image from"I was brought onboard to strengthen the bridge between Spotify and the music community," recent Spotify hire and former Lady gaga manager Troy Carter told Billboard.

On the hot topic of exclusive releases, Carter said that they are "bad for artists, bad for consumers and bad for the whole industry."  Instead, he half-jokingly said that his job is to promote "Spotify inclusives."

Carter also touted Spotify's growing ability to help fans discover new music, break artists and sell more merch and concert tickets via partnerships with Merchbar and Songkick. "That goes beyond distribution," said Carter. "We can become a full-stack solution for artists."

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