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Spotify Relaunches Kids And Family Category With Playlists For Bedtime, Bath And Traveling In The Car

Spotify newSpotify seems to be announcing new products almost daily, and while a Kids & Family category relaunch is far from revolutionary, it may come as welcome news to stressed out parents anxious to use music to both entertain and educate their children.




Kids   Family on Spotify

Spotify is relaunching its Kids And Family category in partnership with early childhood organizations Too Small to Fail, ZERO TO THREE and Vroom. It will feature specially curated playlists themed around everyday moments – bedtime, bath time, traveling in the car – to help parents incorporate singing into their daily routines.

The playlists also feature audio prompts with suggestions for brain-building activities for children. The prompts were recorded by celebrities and leading artists including Juanes, Wiz Khalifa, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Fantasia and others. They also suggested family-friendly songs.

Playlists and prompts are in English and Spanish. The new “Kids and Family” Category can be found at:

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