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Warner Music Group And Vevo Reach Deal After 7 Year Impasse, YouTube Excluded [OFFICIAL]

VevoWMG will now license select music videos to Vevo. It took 7 years for WMG to overcome the issues of dealing with a company partially owned by its competitors Universal Music Group and Sony. But Vevo on YouTube is conspicuously missing.


WmgConfiming recent reports, Vevo and Warner Music Group today announced a licensing agreement that will see select videos from WMG distributed on Vevo owned and controlled properties, including and the Vevo mobile app.  

The deal does not extend to Vevo on YouTube, but is part of an extensive reboot for Vevo' including a redesign and new initiatives in programming and branding.

“Today marks an important milestone for Vevo as we forge a new relationship with Warner Music Group based on a shared vision of putting artists first and creating a platform that does justice to the music," said Erik Huggers, Vevo CEO. "We’re excited to partner with Warner Music and bring their artists’ content to life through our new mobile and web experiences and across a range of our programming.”

Erik and his team continue to evolve their service and bring to life a new vision for Vevo," added Steve Cooper, CEO, Warner Music Group. "We're pleased to have built a flexible and mutually beneficial relationship that will bring additional creative and commercial possibilities to our artists and songwriters. This partnership is the latest in a recent series of deals that are helping us explore ways to unlock the true value of music videos in attracting and engaging vast audiences."

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