Should You Use A White Or Black Background For Music Websites?

DownloadAlthough audio is ultimately the primary focus, when it comes to designing a music website, background color is something to be carefully considered, along with the physical/emotional response different palettes will evoke.


In recent exploratory piece on MusicThinkTank, Maria Ziza looks at the different factors which artists should way when settling on a light vs dark color scheme for their website.

"Usually, the color scheme influences over how long people will stay on your website. It is said that dark fonts on the light background are more comfortable to read than light fonts on the dark background. There is a detailed explanation why, but that’s not an issue now. Just state that white is the most soothing color to the eyes. As for images and colors, they also look much better against a white background. It makes them look brighter and more colorful." 

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