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#WhyFrank, Pandora Charts, Stranger Things: This Week in Music, More – Liv Buli’s Weekend Reading List 

image from www.hypebot.comFrank Ocean's latest release, new charts from her boss, Biebs, Kobalt and more. As she does on most Fridays, Liv Buli, the Data Journalist for Pandora's Next Big Sound shares what she's paying attention to, as she parsed the week's data to the take the cultural (and her own) temperature. 



Guys. I am obsessed. 


Something is happening on the Frank Ocean livestream. He’s moving. It says “Endless” now. Is that the new title? What happened to “Boys Don’t Cry?” My mind is reeling. I had to sign up for a freaken app that will notify me when in like 2095 he actually releases the album so I don’t need google it every 30 seconds. I don’t even want the album that bad anymore (well I do), but now I just need to know. When will it arrive? Where will he release it? How long can this go on for? I have so very many emotions.   

Here’s the app by the way. 

So exciting that we were finally able to take our new Pandora charts out of beta and release to the world. Overall the response has incredibly positive, the industry is clearly eager to get their hands on this data and information. #chartsislife

Choice coverage:

And here is a pretty astute analysis from Sean Ross at RAIN.

I woke up Monday morning and made a Spinal Tap reference/double entendre about my favorite show of the summer: Stranger Things. It made for a nice start to the week. 

Kobalt are trying an interesting new approach to the greatest hits album format, with a Spotify playlist that regularly updates depending on which tracks listeners are spinning the most each week.

Shut the front door: The Biebs leaves Instagram (but not Facebook or Twitter).

Screenshot 2016-08-19 09.49.21

Justin leaves Instagram, fans flock to Facebook instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And as for videos this week, I don’t really have time to watch anything other than this. It is endless after all…

Frank Ocean

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