YouTube Optimization For Musicians

Youtube_logoYou spent the time, energy, and money creating a music video. Now what?  The team at CyberPR has come answers. Posting your video to YouTube won't accrue the views you want unless you have a bit of strategy. Here are 8 ways to maximize your video's potential on YouTube. 


First, Titles Are Everything

YouTube OptiThe single biggest contributing factor to your success on a video click through will be related to how you title your video. Make sure that the title of each of your videos is short — Approx. 65 – 70 characters is a good target range as many people will be viewing from hand-held devices and YouTube will cut you off at 100.  Also, use the word “video” in the title as people may be searching for videos when they are searching outside of the YouTube platform (like on Google). Be captivating: create a title that will make the viewer want to watch.  However, remember that it must relate back to the actual video.

Having a short and sweet title is key. If you are titling a video of a cover you did, try this format (as applicable):

[Song Title] [Short Description] [Original Artist Name] [Your Band Name]

For example, if you have done a cover song of “We Are Never Getting Back Together”, a great title would be:

We Are Never Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift Cover by Sasha

Think of what people might ask when searching for something. Questions begin with Who, What, When, Where and Why – so when applicable, answer these questions right in the title!

On August 28th, when I YouTubed "We Are Never Getting Back Together"
in the search bar this is what I saw:

First you see Taylor Swift’s official video, followed by two other videos before her official lyric video!

TIP: There are times when official artist videos are not licensed to view in other countries. Where the official video is not available for viewing, yours may be the first (or only) option for a fan in that area to listen to the song!

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