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Drake’s Short Film “Please Forgive Me” Debuts As Latest Apple Music Exclusive

DrakeEarly Monday morning Drake's highly anticipated short film "Please Forgive Me," which loosely accompanies his last album "Views" was released as an Apple Music exclusive.  It joins 70 other Apple Music exclusives since launch.



Drake's short 23 minute film "Please Forgive Me" has been released as an Apple Music exclusive.  It was co-direct by Anthony Mandler (Rihanna, Beyoncé).

According to Rolling Stone:

"The first half of the film borrows heavily from the 1993 drama Indecent Proposal, with Drake's girl, played by Belgian model Fanny Neguesha, offered $1 million to spend the night with a shadowy millionaire. However, instead of fulfilling the parameters of the deal, Drake, his girl and associate Popcaan take out the liaison at the rendezvous point and make off with the cash.

The rapper then goes to return the money to the pissed-off crime boss, and that's when all hell breaks loose in the short film, leading to a violent, explosive conclusion."

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