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iHeartMedia Set To Launch 2 Paid Streaming Music Services

IheartmediaiHeartMedia, the parent company of broadcast and online giant iHeartRadio, is set to announce two paid streaming music services this week, according to multiple reports.  While it will face stiff competition, the move is a logical brand extension; and given its reach, could find traction.



Terrestrial radio behemoth iHeartMedia is set to announce a paid streaming music service this week. 

"The paid streaming service, the first of its kind for a traditional radio outfit, will include a $5-a-month ad-free radio station and a $10-a-month on-demand music service, " reports the New York Post

iHeartMedia has yet to secure all of the needed licences, according to multiple sources. So, while it may be announced this week, it could be several months before launch. 

Money on fireThe company's advantage is its 800+ broadcast radio stations and multitude of online channels.  But iHeartMedia is also burdened by huge debt, and losing money at the rate that other music streamers have would only ad to its woes.


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