Rads: Simple, Affordable Geo-targeted Concert Tour Advertising

Rads   Simple Geotargetted Concert Tour AdvertisingDigital advertising, particularly on Facebook, has made effective paid marketing affordable for a more musicians, but it can be a confusing. Rads, a new service from the team behind Bandposters, aims to simplify and improve the process.



"Digital advertising, without the hassle of confusing ad platforms. No more tinkering. Make custom geo-targeted ads for every show in seconds." That's the promise that digital ad buying platform Rads makes to musicians hoping to promote upcoming shows online. 

Created by the same team that launched Bandposters, Rads launched this week with Facebook, the paid marketing outlet of choice for most musicians, as its first ad platform. "Facebook's advertising platform is designed for expert advertisers, and while it has many powerful features, most of them are incredibly confusing for the average person," " Bandposters/Rads COO Mike Fabio told Hypebot. "Rads automates the ad creation process, and takes away all the confusing jargon and settings to help you create powerful and effective advertising without all the hassles."

Rads  banner

Soon Rads will add Google ad buying, as well as, custom ad networks that give indie artists access to appropriate sites they'd normally have a hard time getting. 

Ad buys start as low as $10, with Rads charging 15% to use its simple yet effective ad buying tools. They are waiving this fee on the first order. 


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