Sonicbids To Shut Down ArtistData Next Month

artistdata logoArtistData is shutting down in October.  The free service, which allowed musicians to syndicate tour dates across multiple sites and platforms, was launched by Cluster Labs co-founder Brenden Mulligan in 2008 and acquired by Sonicbids in 2010.



Sonicbids owned ArtistData is shutting down on October 14th and all artist profiles and data will be removed.  The ArtistData widget will no longer be supported or fed data.image from cdn.evbuc.comWhile many artists have migrated to other platforms including ReverbNation, Songkick, BandsInTown and Sonicbids itself to spread their tour dates, we know many artists that still counted on the legacy platform. 

All profiles and date will be deleted, but can be exported before October 14th  by following the instructions here. 

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  1. For jazz musicians who use ArtistData… starting October 14, please upload your events to Jazz Near You direct.
    Our submission form, which supports recurring events, is here: https://www.jazznearyou.com/event_edit.php
    You can upload events in batches via a .csv file here: https://www.allaboutjazz.com/cgi/submit_events_csv.pl
    Jazz Near You is an event discovery and event distribution platform servicing nearly 300 cities worldwide. In addition to the websites, JNY is also an app, a weekly geo-targeted eblast, and series of widgets and feeds.
    You can learn more about Jazz Near You here: https://www.jazznearyou.com/welcome.php

  2. The great thing about ArtistData is that it’s (almost) a one-stop shop for entering show data, because it either shares that info with many of the other concert databases or makes it easy to export the show data (via .csv). I’m extremely bummed they’re shutting it down and is just one more in a long list of frustrations I’ve had with sonicbids (one of which being that you can’t import the show data from their OWN artistdata, which they encouraged us to use in the first place. ERGH). Is there any other site you guys know of that does anything similar? Reverbnation is okay, and I’ve been uploading the AD .csv’s there for a long time now, but it doesn’t seem to broadcast the info anywhere else…. I use these sites for about 8 bands, so I’m leery of pouring my efforts into (yet another) wrong spot. Thanks

  3. I’m with you on all of that, Colleen. Them refusing to use the artist data info to update sonicbids was the clue that they had no interest in making it work easier for artists. I knew they were going to shut it down. I’m looking at bandsintown and songkick with both have widgets to share on your site and feed to other platforms. This will continue to get tricky though because FB will continue making it more difficult for 3rd party apps. But, Bandcamp and others will probably still cooperate.

  4. Hi Bruce,
    I think Jazz Near You can easily pick up the slack in terms of pushing jazz events to the dozen or so websites ArtistData supported (BandPage, FanBridge, PureVolume, Bands in Town, etc.). I’m attending SF Music Tech Summit next month and can discuss details then.
    ArtistData-sourced events represented a small percentage of the Jazz Near You calendar, so we’re in a position to provide much higher volume and with greater event detail (participating musicians, description, ticket link, etc.) to concert websites interested in carrying jazz events.

  5. I have exported my ArtistData shows to CSV, but I can’t find any in for for importing CSV into either SongKick or Reverbnation. Right now, I am more interested in Reverbnation than SongKick as it seems to have more of the features that interest me.

  6. This was really frustrating as Artistdata was the only site that I could find that could syndicate your event calendar to so many outlets. I spoke at length to the folks at SonicBids and all they want is for bands to use SonicBids as their EPK and band site. I offered and would have gladly paid a yearly subscription to Artistdata for their service to keep it going. If anyone else knows of a site like this where I can put in the gig list ONCE and have it feed to many other sites (BandsInTown, ReverbNation, FB, etc) please let me know. (I’ll also check out Jazz Near You, as my band, Swing That Cat, is a mix of Early Rock & Roll meets Horny Swing.

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