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Spotify Adds Daily Mix: Your Favorite Tracks Mixed With New Songs – Deezer Weighs In

DailyMix-Device[UPDATED] Spotify has launched Daily Mix – a series of computer generated mixes combining the users favorite tracks with new songs.  Alongside Spotify's popular Discovery Weekly and Release Radar, the new offering provides an unrivaled personalized and constantly updated lean-back experience.


DailyMix-Device Spotify newSpotify today launches Daily Mix – a group of algorithm driven mixes generated from the users most played songs that combine those favorites with new tracks.  

Daily Mix solves a common problem: despite the multitude of playlists available, too often nothing fits your personal taste; and constantly refreshing your own requires time and research.  

As the user's musical taste evolves, so will their Daily Mix. Don’t like a new song? “Ban” it to remove it from future playlists. “Heart” it to add it to your collection. 

Daily Mix is available to both free and premium users today globally in "Your Library" within the Spotify Android and iOS apps. It will roll out to additional platforms soon. New users can access Daily Mix after approximately two weeks of listening.

Deezer's Flow

Deezer, which has a similar offering called Flow, weighed in with this statement:

“We are very flattered that our competitors have recognized the success of Flow and that they have tried to emulate this experience. However, Flow goes much deeper than Daily Mix with crowdsourced content, advanced algorithmic analysis, interactivity and a soon to be released feature that focuses on contextual relevance.”


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