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10 Tips For How To Work With Tough Promoters

toughThe "tough" promoter can be a facet of many local scenes, and though it can often be challenge to get on their good side, doing so can ultimately be an invaluable asset to getting good shows, as well as building your career in general.



In this recent post, lifted from MusicThinkTank, the Sparkplug Team breakdown how artists can learn to work with notoriously "tough" promoters in way ultimately produces positive results.

"If you are pitching your band for a show - be very realistic about your draw and pull in the market. Knowing your value is hard because it’s constantly changing. A good way to figure this out is to think of your last 3 shows in that market and do an average of your ticket sales. If it was a festival or support gig, be realistic about how many people you think were in the audience to see you."

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