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10 Ways To Promote Yourself And Your Music Online

image from images.clipartpanda.comThe internet offers a myriad of opportunities for marketing and promotion.  But if you don't focus your efforts, it can be overwhelming. Here are 10 of the most effective for music and musicians.  

1. Start a Blog
The first way to get your music career off to a great start is to start your own blog. Focus on blogging about your process for creating music and the different aspects of being a musician. Be sure to update your blog regularly with daily or weekly posts. Publish your blog’s address on any music merchandise you offer at gigs.

2. Use Instagram
Next, develop a presence on the popular social media site Instagram. Take advantage of the site’s format by posting artful pictures that represent your work and your passions. Use hashtags strategically to get more exposure for your music and your blog.

Twitter_logo_blue3. Have a Twitter Account
Twitter is another type of social media account to use regularly if you dream of becoming a successful musician. Use your Twitter account to follow other artists or people in the business, and make sure you periodically tweet trending music news or your unique ideas to your favorites. This way, you may get noticed by someone who comes across your message.

4. Update Your Facebook
Your Facebook page is another way to help your music career go beyond playing songs in your garage or singing in your shower. Create a business page that is focused on your brand as an artist. When you start to gain a following, make sure your fans like your Facebook page. Although you can’t offer incentives for reaching a certain number of likes, you can still interact with your audience as it grows.

5. Be a Fan
Next, be a fan of music yourself. Go to shows of your favorite artists and bands, and show other musicians how much you appreciate their contributions. Support other groups, interact on their websites, and use these artists as a springboard for your own career. Sport some of your favorite band’s merchandise by wearing their shirts or pins when you take pictures of yourself for your social media pages. If another band or artist invites you to open with them, take advantage of that opportunity.

6. Give Feedback
It’s also important to give feedback to other artists to help further your position as someone with talent. If a fan or another band comments on one of your posts, be sure to offer a timely response. Whether it’s a question about your song or a request for a partnership, you could take advantage of the opportunity to learn more, network, and grow.

Youtube_logo7. Post Videos
Having videos of your impromptu or official performances are another way you can support your career. If you aren’t attracting the number of people you hope for at your gigs, use the internet to reach a wider audience. If your rehearsal sounds amazing, record it, and post it on one of your sites. Record a unique cover song to help increase your chances of getting noticed.

8. Use Message Boards
Message boards are another great resource to connect with others. Find either a local music message board or one that is more globally based. Spend some time talking about your craft and discussing your frustrations with the business while you make new online friends. Give your opinion about seasoned musicians like Steve Wynn and other smaller, more localized artists. Writing and responding to messages takes a few minutes a day at most, and it can pay off with new people discovering your work.

9. Interact With Fans
When you do have concerts and gigs, be sure to stick around long after the show to interact with any listeners or fans of yours. This is one of the best ways you can generate a following. Talk to people who have never heard of you, and ask their opinion of your sound and your message to get some honest feedback about your talent and your appeal to the general public.  

10. Support Local Events
The last important thing to do is to go out and participate in as many local music events as possible. Sometimes, your career will reach its peak through effort and hard work. If you spend time talking to venue managers, watching other local bands, and being a part of your city’s local music scene, you’ll get ahead much faster and with a better chance of wider exposure.