Alt-Rockers Placebo Fight, Walk Off Stage After 2 Songs At Sold Out Concert

image from www.celebrityaccess.comThe show must go on, apparently unless you are "uncomfortable" and fighting with your bandmates. UK alt-rockers Placebo left the stage after an internal argument in the band on Thursday night at Danish venue Train in Aarhus.

image from www.celebrityaccess.com

According to Danish music magazine Gaffa, UK band Placebo played 2 songs before lead singer and guitarist Brian Molko and guitarist Stefan Olsdal launched a lengthy discussion in which Brian Molko – who seemed affected – began a monologue to the audience before he then complained at having gangrene in the foot and said he needed a break.

Then the group left stage and after a few minutes Stefan Olsdal returned and regretfully announced that the concert was canceled, as Brian Molko was uncomfortable.

A representative from the organiser added that they did not yet know whether the group will provide a replacement concert, or whether the audience can get their money back.  It is also not known yet whether Friday`s sold-out concert in Vega is canceled.

A representative from Train told GAFFA that the band seemed enthusiastic during the sound check.

via Celebrity Access

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