FreshTunes Launches Offering 100% Free Music Distribution To Spotify, Apple, All Major Services

freshtunes logoIn the digital age, music distribution has become a commodity, and like most commodities the price is almost constantly moving downward.  Companies like CDBaby, TuneCore and OnePRM offer flat fee or low cost services and now FreshTunes has driven the price to zero.


FreshTunes has launched to offer free distribution to all major music streaming and download stores. The service takes no cut of revenues, royalties or rights – the artist keeps 100%; and in beta 5o,000 tracks were distributed to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Google Music, Amazon, Shazam, YouTube, SAAVN, Guvera and others.

FreshTunes makes its money from interest on funds waiting to be distributed to artists and via add on services including artwork, lyric video production, ringtone production, promotion of artist videos on the FreshTunes YouTube channel, LANDR automated music mastering and MFiT to fit music to iTunes quality standards.



FreshTunes' Artist Dashboard



Headquaterd in Dubai, with offices in Moscow, Brazil and UK, FreshTunes has already distributed  indie hip hop star Oxxxymiron's #1 album (Hip Hop chart, iTunes Russia) and Jamala, the Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. 

"I believe we’ve created a new model that is fair and gives the best value for money for all independent artists," says serial tech founder Nikolay Okorokov. "It is one that we believe will create a new shift in digital music distribution. So many artists now are choosing to stay independent, even after achieving global success – it’s a trend that hasn’t gone unnoticed and FreshTunes is all about empowering and supporting the independent community of musicians around the world to truly run their careers on their terms.”


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