Getting More Fans On YouTube: A Musician’s Guide

Bzblog-how-to-get-fans-youtube-img01A key piece of music promotion for a quite a while, video has long given fans a way to connect more deeply with music, so it stands to reason that YouTube would rise to become one of the most useful platforms from which artists can connect with fans. Here we take a look at how they can do so better.


In this latest article from MusicThinkTank, Jon Ostrow explains how artists can better use YouTube in such a way as to grow their fanbase.

"Add tags: Again, just like links, you can add tags to both your channel as well as your individual videos. Make sure the tags you use for your channel are specific to you – consider your location, genre, lyrical subject matter, etc.

Do not use tags such as ‘music’ as this is far too general to do you any good. The purpose of using a tag, similar to a hashtag on Twitter, is to help to aggregate your content into a specific topic so that people interested in that specific topic can more easily find your channel."

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