Gig Salad Launches New Artist-Focused Podcast Series

image from chandlerswharfshops.comOnline live music marketplace GigSalad have launched a new podcast series featuring a humorous, behind the scenes look at the creative life, both on and off stage.


image from www.hypebot.comA new GigSalad monthly podcast series, which launched on Oct. 3rd, features musicians, actors, writers, and directors, with the first episode featuring Maribeth Monroe (of Workholics and Keeping Up With the Joneses) and Dana Powell (Bridesmaids, Modern Family). Future guests lined up for the show include: Aaron Schwartz (Gossip Girl, Mighty Ducks, Guardians of the Galaxy 2), and Ruther Pointer (The Pointer Sisters), among many others.

The first podcasts were recorded in Springfield, MO, GigSalad’s hometown, when guests came to be part of The Mystery Hour, the regional Emmy-winning live talk show. The GigSalad crew often asks entertainers to stop by their headquarters while they are in town, and to record an intimate conversation about their lives, work, and art.

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“GigSalad has always been about bringing people together, people who are looking for entertainment, and people who love providing it,” says GigSalad CEO Mark Steiner, who got his start as an actor and talent agent. “We’re thrilled to get a chance to share some of what we learn from performers about their lives and the work they adore.”

For more information, check them out at www.gigsalad.com.

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