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Spotify, Apple Music Add A SoundCloud Favorite: Unofficial Mixes

Apple - SpotifySpotify and Apple Music are adding unofficial mixes for the first time. Remixes and multi-track mixes, which are tipped to launch soon, are the reason many fans love SoundCloud; and their inclusion elsewhere makes purchase of the music service less attractive.



Room In Here

Apple Music and Spotify have added unofficial mixes, thanks to deals cut several months ago with Dubset. An unofficial  DJ Jazzy Jeff remix of Anderson .Paak was the first unofficial mix spotted by fans. 

Dubset's technology identifies each song within an uploaded mix or remix and attaches it to the right publishers and labels so everyone gets paid. Thus far neither Spotify or Apple Music have commented officially.

Still missing are dj style multi-song mixes, but Dubset CEO Stephen White tells Techcrunch that “mixes are coming next!”

The availability of unofficial content on main stream music services may make any deal to sell SoundCloud, known for mixes unavailable elsewhere, far less attractive. dubset

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