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Spotify Updates Terms And Conditions – 3 Key Issues

Spotify newReading a site's Terms and Conditions is only slightly less boring than watching paint dry.  Today Spotify updated theirs and fortunately for us all provided a handy summary of the major changes. The terms of Spotify's privacy policy did not change.



From Spotify - 

Here is a snapshot of the key updates to the terms:

  • Third party subscriptions – Sometimes users purchase Spotify Premium from a third party service like a telephone company. We have updated the language in our terms to make it clear that users who purchase Spotify though third parties are also subject to the terms of those companies. For example, if you bought your Spotify subscription through Telia in Sweden, you are subject to Telia’s terms and conditions as well as Spotify’s.
  • Company that provides your service outside the US – At the end of the terms and conditions and privacy policy, the name and address of the Spotify company that provides your service (and which is the legal entity responsible for your data) is listed. In the past, this was often a local Spotify company; in Belgium, for example, it was Spotify Belgium. This company will now be Spotify AB everywhere but the US, in order to better reflect the reality of our business operations. Keep in mind, that as a practical matter, it’s still the same “Spotify” – we just have had multiple operating entities and we’re now bringing our operations under one organizational structure. (And if you were wondering, this is all about internal operational efficiencies and is not motivated by tax considerations; this will not have any impact on our obligation to pay taxes in local markets as required under local tax rules.)

These are the only significant changes we are making to our terms and conditions. We hope this makes it clear that our commitment to your privacy – and to how we keep your information secure – is absolutely unchanged. We’ll be rolling this out on a market by market basis. If you ever have any questions or concerns, then please let us know at


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