Writing A Band Bio: Important Do’s and Dont’s

1First impressions are as important in the music business as they are anywhere else, and your band bio is often the thing making that impression, meaning its important that is stay up to snuff. Here a veteran bio writer offers some quick and useful tips on getting your bio to stand out.


Guest post by Sharyn from the ReverbNation Blog

First impressions are everything and your band bio gives people a first glimpse of what you’re all about. Our CONNECT Manager, Sharyn, who has written countless bios gave us some quick tips for how to make yours stand out.

Do’s and Dont’s for Writing a Band Bio

  • DON’T overestimate the reader’s attention span. Keep it short and sweet – think one to two paragraphs max.
  • DON’T let writing intimidate you, reach out to your writer friends for advice
  • DO hook the reader in with the very first sentence
  • DON’T use cliche phrases like “hails from” or “we sound like (insert band name) and (insert another totally different band) had a baby. Be original.
  • DO create a strong, unique tag line for your band that press can latch onto like “disco pop princess” or “post-millennial Billie Holiday”
  • DO find a compelling story line about your life and music that sets you apart and build the bio around this
And finally, to close out the bio…. 
  • DON’T include 15 press quotes from unknown sources (i.e. your friend’s tumblr)
  • DO include at least one strong press quote from a reputable press source
Check out some examples of solid bios: 


Sharyn started at the Windish Agency in Chicago at the front desk.  After a year, she became the president’s personal assistant then his booking assistant, eventually working her way up to a full-blown agent with her own roster. In her six years at the agency, she has worked on tours for dozens of artist including The xx, alt-J, Hot Chip, Gotye, The Knife, and M83. Prior to Windish, Sharyn worked as an assistant talent buyer for two small venues in Chicago and did PR for a few artists. She now works in artist development for ReverbNation CONNECT and manages artists.

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