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Drake Redefines What A Hit Album Is As “Views” Passes 3 Billion Streams Just On Spotify

DrakeThe RIAA may have to invent a new Titanium Award as tracks from Drake's "Views" pass well over 5 billion streams collectively on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube


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The music industry used to measure "hit" by sales and spins on radio. But what did the fans really think of the music?  Did they buy the album, play it once and get bored with it? Were all those radio plays more reflective of a strong label push than what listeners really wanted to hear??

Drake appears to be redefining what a hit album is with his new album "Views. Collectively, the tracks on the album have been streamed more than 3 billion times on Spotify and than 1 billion times on Apple Music, where it debuted. The track "Hotline Bling" has also been streamed 1 billion times on YouTube.  And that's not counting Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Rhapsody, Slacker and….

Spotify "Views" streams in millions

1. Keep the Family Close: 32.8
2. 9: 44.1
3. U With Me?: 38.9
4. Feel No Ways: 51.8
5. Hype: 68.5
6. Weston Road Flows: 32.5
7. Redemption: 37.2
8. With You: 65.7
9. Faithful: 32.1
10. Still Here: 80.2
11. Controlla: 256
12. One Dance: 924.5
13. Grammys: 65.2
14. Childs Play: 68.6
15. Pop Style: 165
16. Too Good: 426.5
17. Summers Over Interlude: 23.5
18. Fire & Desire: 44.5
19. Views: 29.7
20. Hotline Bling: 556

Hat tip to Music Ally for doing the Spotify math and Billboard for the list above.

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