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Guvera Fails To Pay U.S. and South American Staff

Guvera-logoTroubled music streaming service Guvera has failed to pay promised severance and other monies due former staffers in the U.S and South America. 



Guvera closed offices and pulled its service from Australia, United States, Latin America, Russia and Europe after a failed attempt to launch an IPO on the Australian stock market. Along the way its failed to many of its former staffers.

BusinessDay is reporting that former u.S. and South American staffers wrote to Guvera founder Claes Loberg in September pleading for any kind of payment plan as "many of us are facing financial distress".

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  1. Is anyone surprised by this? Appalled and disgusted, yes. But, surprised?
    You cannot expect BAD people to do what is right. The terminated Guvera employees in Australia got their money (severance, entitlements and superannuation contributions) because Guvera leadership had a gun to their head, in terms of the government, regulators and administrators. If they did not pay, it would have been lights out for good. Something, even though I was owed money, I was truly hoping for.
    I still cannot believe Claes and his bloody pirates have not been put behind bars…

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