How To Get A Knowledge Panel For Your Band

DownloadIf you can get a knowledge panel (the coveted information breakdown which you may see to the left of a googled artist) to appear next to a search of your band, you're in good shape branding wise. Here we look at what an artist can do to facilitate such a panel appearing.


In this recent bit of online marketing advice from MusicThinkTank, Wes Walls breaks down why a knowledge panel is so important, and how you can get one for your band.

"All of this information in the Knowledge Panel comes from Google’s Knowledge Graph, and reflects what Google knows about your “entity”.

Your entity is basically the “thing” that is your band, or you as a musician – at least, as far as how Google views you. If you want to nerd out a little, you can have a bit of fun looking up your own entity. You might be surprised to find you already have one."

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