Indie Band Teams With Brewery To Release Album On A Beer Can [VIDEO]

image from instagram.fphl1-1.fna.fbcdn.netBeer and music have a long history collaboration. Furthering the relationship, indie rockers The Lights Out and Aeronaut Brewing Co. have collaborated to create T.R.I.P., a sci-fi album on a beer can.

image from www.aeronautbrewing.com

I'll admit that when I read the press release headline, I was hoping that the beer can turned into a playable disc.  Not quite…

This fall, drinkers who purchase cans of Aeronaut Brewing's T.R.I.P. beer will find label instructions on how to get a free copy of a new Lights Out album by taking an action on social media.

image from instagram.fphl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net“A fragmented and highly-competitive media landscape means bands need to come up with new ways to release material,” said Ulf Oesterle, chair of the Department of Music and Entertainment Industries at Syracuse University. “Most beer and brewery collaborations are with legacy acts like AC/DC, Kiss, Iron Maiden and Queen,” he said. “None of them have used beer as a format to release a studio album.”

“The beer fuels your trip through the multiverse, and the album is the soundtrack to that journey,” said The Lights Out guitarist Adam Ritchie. “Aeronaut embraced the spirit of this album from the start, and was the perfect co-pilot to help us bring T.R.I.P. into this reality.”


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