How to Promote Your Band Online To Music Venues and Festivals

2For independent artists looking to promote their music online to venues and festivals, the sheer variety of choices can often make it challenging for artists to know how to best channel their online presence for positive results. Here we examine how determine which yes the most success.


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Guest post by Vincent Hill

When promoting music on the internet, there are many apps, channels, communities, forums, networks and platforms that musicians can take advantage of. These apps can help you to have an online presence.  

However, instead of attempting the impossible, you can concentrate your labors on some that are probably to give positive results. But how will you know which of these platforms can generate success on your part?  

Well, there is no single answer to this, and it is certain to involve a couple of trial and errors. However, there are some questions that you can ask to yourself which can help you know your best choices. These may include: 

Who are your fans?

Where do your fans spend most of their time online?          

Where do other bands of your genre spend their time to actively engage with their fans online?

What kind of contents are these bands focused on?

Answering the above questions is an ideal way to begin your journey to promoting your band online. So, now what are the ways to follow in promoting music online? Here are some: 

Start a covers and function band

Starting a covers and function band can be a perfect way to get shows. A function band can introduce you to wedding and corporate markets, and there are plenty of those kinds of gigs around. 

If you play mostly original songs, you may think of starting to play cover songs and perform as covers band. What you only need to do is to practice playing new songs and you will surely attract some people who will pay you good fees to hear you at parties, corporate functions and wedding. 

Create a Soundcloud

The same with YouTube, Soundcloud provides a remarkably easy ways for followers to share your music on many platforms. Also, there are several communities of regular curators and users on the platforms, hence integrating your music there can be an ideal way for your songs to obtain newfound visibility. 

Another good thing about Soundcloud is that the songs uploaded to it can be simply embedded and synced with the many social media sites, therefore making it a very effective tool to promote your music to a bigger audience.

Tours Abroad 

Having gigs overseas can also be a perfect way to obtain additional gigs.It is no longer expensive to go to various countries and play your music there. Touring abroad can open many opportunities for a musician like you. 

Play Lots of Shows!

2Regardless if it is a small venue, you still need not pass that opportunity to play there. Even if you will earn only a small amount from playing in a smaller gig, the important thing is you get exposure. Being exposed to different audiences, big or small, is another way of promoting your music.

FB Event invites

In all the shows that you are going to make, be sure to send FB Event invites, and ask those you have invited to pass your invitation to their friends. 

Blog Posts

Another way of getting your songs to the ears of other people is to post about your music on a blog, not on your blog but on other people’s. Seeking chance for guest blogging, music reviews from Musicskanner, interviews, and others is a good start. 

Press Outlets

The player that can be embedded is actually a great advantage to pass along to press outlets that cover your songs. You simply need to send the HTML code that can be found in the feature’s Share portion, and the embeddable player will show right in the published posts. 

Music Venues

2The same with the press outlets make sure to send the code of the embeddable music players to venues where you will have your gigs. That way, your audience will be able to post your music on their own websites when promoting or listing your shows. 

Conferences & Festivals

Are you performing at a music festival or conference? When sending your biography and photo, be sure to include the embedded code of your latest single. The reason for this is to include your new single on their website. 

Online Forums

Online forums are also rampant nowadays. Look for forums that tackle topics on music, particularly on your genres, and join in their conversation. While in the forum, you can talk about your music and promote your show as well.

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