New Trade Mission Visits South American Music Conferences, Fests in 6 Cities: Doing Business in Chile, Argentina, Brazil

music planeStarting today, a new trade mission is meeting with musicians and the music industry at conferences and festivals in 6 cities in 3 South American countries. The three - Chile, Argentina and Brazil – collectively represent 2/3rds of the Latin American music market.


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The phenomenon of music conferences and festivals scheduling together so that international delegates and speakers can participate in two or more regional events consecutively, saving travel costs and time, as well as networking for a longer time, has reached new lengths in South America this month.

Participating in the CAB ChileArgentinaBrazil Music Trade Mission Tour are almost 50 music professionals from around the world, as well as various export offices, including trade missions from Quebec and Australia. The events are Fluvial/Chile, BAFIM, Buenos Aires, Audio Porto/Porto Alegre, SIM SP/São Paulo and Rio Music Buzz/Rio de Janeiro. The panels and conferences will cover a wide series of topics, relevant to the region, including lyric translations, touring, copyright administration, and the opportunities for international artists and companies.

The Canadian and Australian Embassies will also be hosting networking opportunities for their international and local guests in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.

Behind the logistics of coordinating the dates of each event with its respective organizers is a new venture, Audio Porto Antenna. APA is a new international company acting as a commercial version of an export/import office, a creative hub liaison between international companies, organizations and artists, looking to expand into South America, as well as South American companies, organizations and artists looking to expand internationally. It's built around a new world class studio, Audio Porto, in Porto Alegre, Brazil which will host a Launch Party on Dec. 11th, with many international, regional and local music professionals participating.

Visiting 2/3rds of the Latin American Music Market

The three host countries make up over 2/3rds of the Latin American music market, coming in at #10 (Brazil), #15 (Argentina) and #36th (Chile), according to \ figures released during a recent US Department of Commerce webinar called Explore the Music Export & Licensing Marketplace in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Combined, this is an important music market. With the growth of locally based platforms for music promotion, distribution and sales, along with these conference tours, the music business continues to become truly international.

More info on CAB and the mission here.

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