Spotify Relaunches Artists Site As “How To” Guide, But Stops Sharing Per Stream Payment Rates

Spotify newThe Spotify Artists site has relaunched with an emphasis on "how to" be more successful on the music streamer.  "The music industry's still in the midst of a major transition – and we're committed to making it work for everyone," wrote Spotify's Troy Carter. But missing from the previous Artist site are the stats for average per-stream payouts on Spotify.


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There year's after launch, Spotify has revamped its Spotify Artists site, adding how-to guides, case studies and other features designed to help musicians navigate and market on the music streamer.

Less talk about 'if' and many more questions about 'how'.

"Today, there’s less talk about 'if' and many more questions about 'how," wrote Spotify head of creator services Troy Carter. "Which is why we're shifting the purpose of this website from detailing the mechanics of streaming to helping artists maximize the opportunity it’s created."

The new Spotify Artists site also features a guide for artists just getting started there, and tips for artists hoping to grow their fanbase. A blog reboot is promised with a focus on streaming success stories and best practices.

MISSING: Average Per Stream Payments 

Spotify New $But something major is missing from the new Spotify Artists site that was featured on the previous one. First spotted by MusicAlly, Spotify Artists no longer includes the music streamer's average per stream payouts 

Gone are figures like "between $0.006 and $0.0084” per stream which artists and others have used to estimate payments.

Even as Spotify revenue and overall payments have grown significantly, many have reported that their per stream payouts have fallen. While not firm proof, it's hard to imagine that Spotify would not want to flaunt per stream rates if they had risen. 

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  1. It’s because the rate hasn’t been anywhere near the claimed $0.006- $0.0084 rate for years. More like $0.0045 and steadily falling.

  2. Yes still falling $0,0030 at the moment. For premium streams. Nothing you would like to publish, right?

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