Stagehand: Connecting Local Venues and Musicians [Hypebot Readers Get A FREE Premium Account]

LogoIn this piece we look at a new service known as Stagehand which offers a way for venues and artists to connect and have better financial and logistical organization.


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We’ve all seen it before; That lucrative service that promises certain fame and plentiful opportunities for those who push the hardest and pay the most. Of course you rarely see such available chances, but when you do find one that’s not saturated with hundreds of thousands of submissions, you see that it now costs $15 to apply, on top of the $19.99 you pay per month to use the Silver Account of this “holy site”.

Download (1)The people over at Stagehand were tired of this.

“It’s easy to sell fame and legacy,” says Ryan Zakin, who founded the newly-launched Stagehand Music Company “but that’s really just throwing someone the proverbial fish. We wanted to teach people how to go fishing; how to properly network and work a show.”

Stagehand was built on just that idea; Creating a simple, user-friendly website that could allow for venues to post upcoming shows that need musicians, and performers to apply to them. This was made, according to Zakin, to solve three key issues:

1.To create a more efficient show-booking experience, where logistics and financials can be better organized

2. To remove the necessity of a third-party booking agency, as to put more money into the pockets of hard-working musicians and small venues

3. To teach musicians how to network and handle show logistics, by introducing a simplified process

While they only launched two weeks ago, Stagehand has already has representation in such cities such as New York, Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh, and only intend on expanding with time.

Stagehand currently offers both a Basic (Free) and Premium account (which only costs a one-time payment of $10) to sign up for.

If you mention that you were referred to Stagehand by this article, they will provide you with the Premium account benefits for free.

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