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DigitalRadioTracker: Tracking Internet Radio Spins

Image048Although internet radio has in many ways been a large asset to the music industry, allowing artists to launch shows, stations, and further connect via this new platform, however being able to track spins on internet radio has always been notoriously difficult, something which DigitalRadioTracker may make easier.


In this recent post on MusicThinkTank, Wendy Day examines the potential of DigitalRadioTracker, a new service allowing those involved in the music industry to better keep track of internet radio data.

"DigitalRadioTracker has proven extremely effective for use in planning tours, promotional campaigns, soliciting performances, and directly targeting a specific marketplace.  Breaking new artists or gaining awareness for new projects for any artist is extremely challenging and without feedback and data, it becomes nearly impossible. I’m able to purchase individual reports about my artist or similar artists to see which cities and areas have the biggest supporters.  "

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