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Discogs Receives An Artist-Focused App Update

UntitledRecently Discogs released a new and improved version of its vinyl tracking app to the iOS. Of particular note is the update of the app's artist section, providing users with a greater volume of detailed information relating to the artist.


Guest post by Taylor Mims of Amplify

Discogs-App-record-storeToday Discogs released a new version of its vinyl tracking app for iOS. The update brings a cleaner and more thorough look for its artist section. Users can now find in-depth artist info along with their record labels and releases.

The new software now delivers Discogs’ database info on an individual musician or band to include image galleries, band members, name variations, and aliases. The app will also recommend similar artists based on your preferences which users can add to their Wantlist or save for later as note on their mobile device.

Record collectors can now see how many titles and which releases they own from specific artists on the artist’s page. And with social media integration, collectors can share their records and discoveries on social platforms or via text message or email.

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  1. Hello ! I am MIRCEA POPA from Romania.
    I`ve just become a victim on this totally online scam business called DISCOGS located in Beaverton Oregon.Three years ago I decided to become a member of this comuninty making an account because I had some ROMANIAN LP that they aren`t listed on DISCOGS database and I learned that DISCOGS is like WIKIPEDIA of LPs and CDs.GReat idea,I said thinking abot the DISCOGS.So I scanned the LP and I submitted on DATABASE helping other collector to buy or to sell the items.
    But on 6 May 2016 after I submitted 58 LPs and CDs I received an automatic email from DISCOGS tells me that I was suspended to put new LP tell me that I have put on CIP (Contributors IMprovement Programs) an automatic software that detects that submissions have errors and the users are punished by forbiding them to put another LP for undetermined time.So to be put out of CIP meaning regain the right to submit new LPs Discogs offer the banned user who submit LPS a “good plan” to be removed from CIP.The user must enter to a forum and gain enough correct votes from other privileged users who had a right of vote the submissions of the users and after obtained enough correct votes,the user will be put out of CIP and regain the right to submit new LPs.For example if you have 500 LPs and CDs and you want to sell them but the items were not listed on DISCOGS,you will submit them on DISCOGS.But after you submit 50 of them,DISCOGS banned you to submit them telling you that your submissions have errors and you must obtain enough correct votes from other privillege users telling you to enter on Discogs forum on a thread about CIP and request votes.Smells fishy ! So DISCOGS forced you to bribe (with PAYPAL money)other users to vote “correct” your submissions to regain your right to submit again.
    I told my suspicion on Discogs forum.I was banned imediately and my thread about this aspect was deleted by Discogs staff.I filed 3-4 complaints(tickets) to the dIscogs staff expressing my indignation about Discogs policy of CIP.On 13 May 2016 I received an email from Discogs telling me that my account was banned from the site meaning my IP address was flagged and I can`t acces my account from my computer.Last year I started to buy some items from Discogs and I have 100% positive feedbacks. Last months I made 3 orders and I wait to receive the package.But I can`t talk to sellers because now I am banned and I can`t acces my private messages or my orders situation.It is a probability that Discogs will use my personal information without my consent and sell to a third party.It is clear that I was banned because I expose the fraudulent activity of the network to blackmail users to give them money to regain some rights of using the network.
    I asked many times DISCOGS company staff to restore my account appologizing to what I said telling them that maybe I was wrong.I wrote to Better Business Bureau(BBB) an NGO who mitigates conflicts between companies and consumers.BBB contacted Discogs staff but they don`t responed at BBB solicitation.So DISCOGS banned me because they feared to tell others members from the site about CIP practices.THis is an act of discrimination because I can`t talk to LP lovers from all over the world.
    So I was scammed.Discogs looks an excelent idea of LP database but in fact iit is an intelligent online SCAM.Do something to stop this fraud.

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