Forbes Names Best Paid Artists 2016

CashForbes has released its latest list chronicling musical riches. Unsurprisingly, Taylor Swift was #1, but second place went a group that lost a key member and went in hiatus.  Here are Forbes Highest Paid Artists of 2016:


image from musicrowgirl.files.wordpress.com

Forbes 20 Highest Paid Musicians 2016

1. Taylor Swift ($170m)
2. One Direction ($110m)
3. Adele ($80.5m)
4. Madonna ($76.5m)
5. Rihanna ($75m)
6. Garth Brooks ($70m)
7. AC/DC ($67.5m)
8. Rolling Stones ($66.5m)
9. Calvin Harris ($63m)
10. Diddy ($62m)
11. Bruce Springsteen ($60.5m)
12. Paul McCartney ($56.5m)
13= Justin Bieber ($56m)
13= Kenny Chesney ($56m)
15= U2 ($55m)
15= The Weeknd ($55m)
17. Beyoncé ($54m)
18. Jay Z ($53.5m)
19. Luke Bryan ($53m)
20. Muse ($49m)

More on Forbes here.

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