Master Social Media For Events In 9 Simple Steps

2With such a high percentage of ticket sales coming in as a result of social media promotion, being able to market an event on social media effectively is critical to making it a well attended success.


Guest Post from Eventbrite

(1)Nearly 25% of traffic to ticketing and registration pages comes from social media. With the right social media event marketing strategy, you can drive even more traffic — and turn more of those views into ticket sales and registrations.

To find out how to master social media for events, check out this definitive guide from Eventbrite and Buffer, a social media management platform. In nine simple steps, you’ll learn how to develop and improve your marketing strategy across the six most popular networks, including how to:

  • Prioritize which networks to use, and how to save time while using them
  • Increase engagement on social media during promotions and the event itself
  • Measure results and see which of your efforts drove ticket sales or registrations

By downloading this guide, you authorize Eventbrite and/or Buffer to contact you with related information.

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