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Sony Eyes Unification Of Record, Publishing Arms

image from curbcollege.orgUnified rights – a single source for recording, publishing rights pioneered by Terry McBride's Nettwerk Music – has proven an advantage for indie music companies. Now, Sony may be considering a similar unification of its recording and publishing divisions.


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Sony Corp. is considering a major reorganization of its many entertainment related divisions.  Possible changes include placing its struggling Sony Pictures Entertainment under the larger and more profitable gaming division, sources tell the New York Post. The gaming division had $6.4 billion in revenue in the 6 months ending Sept. 30 and producing $624 million in profit.

The reorganization could also extend to music, a sources tells the Post. Recorded music division Sony Music Group and music publisher Sony/ATV would unite in a division separate from film and gaming.   Sony Music is the second biggest global record division and Sony/ATV is the world's largest music publisher.

A final decision would likely come prior to its March 31st fiscal year end.

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