How To Use Video E-Cards For Holiday Music Marketing

(1)If you're short on ideas for how to connect with fans and share content this holiday season, a well placed e-card can be just the thing to engage fans and add some levity to an otherwise stressful season.


Guest Post by Team FanBridge on the FanBridge Blog

The Holiday season is here! If you feel yourself running out of time or without something to send to your subscribers: don’t worry. Spread holiday cheer this season by sending a festive video e-card. Video content is a great way to engage and entertain your fans during this busy time and to add some light to the hectic emails they are receiving.

You can create video e-cards through the online tools shown below. They are simple to use and give you space to be creative. Add yourself or the whole team, a funny or a serious picture and of course a jolly message at the end for your audience for a customized touch.

Websites such as JibJab and Elf yourself  always create merry and jolly viewing content that are ideal for your holiday emails. With multiple video layouts to choose from the possibilities are endless.

Once your video is finished, create a holiday themed email using the Template Tool. To add your new video e-card drag in a call to action button with your video link attached. We recommend  including a picture from the video to entice your fans to click through. Customize by adding in a special holiday email header using an online design tool such as Canva.

Bring it all together by including copy that wishes your viewers a happy holiday season. You can include your favorite moments from the video, a special message to your fans or just a simple holiday greeting.

Also don’t forget to ask your fans to share the video on social media. When sharing make sure to mention what to include with the following to get maximum coverage:

  • A Creative Hashtag That Connects To You

  • Link To The Video

  • Your Social Media Handle

Lastly, add a signature with your name to give the email a personal touch.


Creative and fun holiday video content is a great way to separate your email from the rest this season. These online tools make it easy and usually create a lot of laughter. So get creating and wish your subscribers a Happy Holidays!

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