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image from www.hypebot.comJoin our free online networking party and introduce yourself to the Hypebot community.  Shameless plugs are allowed!


It's a Hypebot holiday tradition to host a free online networking party. Most of the music business shuts down during the holidays, but we keep publishing on a lighter schedule. And like us, many readers are using this down time to work on exciting projects to unveil in 2017. Others are just looking for a constructive solution to the holiday work day blahs.

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image from www.hypebot.comIn the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, what you're working on and what excites you (PG-13 only). Include links that you think might be of interest to others and we suggest adding your name and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in collaborating can find you.

Remember, shameless plugs are allowed!

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  1. Kathryn posted this in the wrong section, so we’re reposting it here for her:
    Hi Everyone!
    My name is Kathryn N Sano and I am the Founder/Executive Director of The Music Business Network. We are in our 8th year of operating and are re-launching our site (after we restructured to further assist our members) on January 1st. Prior to our restructure and implementation of our new platform, we had over 4,000 active members members located throughout 52+ different countries, “buy in,” to the idea of The Network. Our mission is simple. We exist to assist creatives in achieving their career goals (via education, digital and physical networking, opportunities and much more).
    This is a comprehensive network dedicated solely to professionals. Hobbyists are not allowed and all members are heavily screened for reliability and reputability.
    Please visit our website (TheMusicBusinessNetwork.com) to obtain more information about The Music Business Network and join our community today!
    We’re Running A Special exclusive pre-launch promotion (starting today and ending on 1/1/17) Where You Can Gain Early (Free) Access To The Network!
    Please contact us (Inquiries@TheMusicBusinessNetwork.com)if you’re interested in receiving the exclusive exclusive pre-launch complimentary invitation code.
    We’ve created an amazing community filled with the best and brightest individuals in the music and entertainment industries.
    We look forward to you joining!
    ~ Kathryn N. Sano

  2. Just to get things started, many of you don’t know that in addition to Hypebot, I run the national booking agency Skyline Artists (www.skylineartists.com) and many acts on our diverse roster have projects coming out next year.
    On the Hypebot front, we’re working on a mobile friendly makeover. And I’d love to hear from you what we can do better or new for next year. Hypebot exists to serve you.

  3. Hello fellow music lovers. My name is Tommy Marolda from the band The Toms. I am a Grammy nominated songwriter and producer having worked with Imagine Dragons, Killers, Bon Jovi, Cher, Dr. Dre and many more. I have hundreds of songs in movies like The Expendables, Rocky, Stayin’ Alive, Days Of Thunder and more in TV and ads. I am always happy to help the new artist achieve their goals and one way to fast track an artist is to offer my songwriting, production and recording services through my site. Mysonggram.com. A new Richie Sambora / Orianthi project has been completed by lengendary producer Bob Rock and myself assisting for 2017 release. THE TOMS release their new powerpop album titled APPLESTATION in Feb 2017 which comes out in vinyl as well as all the other formats. Pre-orders are going through the roof by word of mouth only…royalty payments and DIY projects are on the rise, so stay tuned to my bible of information, Hypebot.com
    2017 is our year!!!~

  4. Hi, I’m Trey and I run a digital distribution service call Traxx.space. We are nearly through with our first year and it’s been amazing. We have over 900 artists who currently distribute their music through us. We distribute to Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google, Rhapsody/Napster, Microsoft Groove, Pandora and many, many more. You can distribute your music for free while keeping 90% of your royalties. Or if you’d like 100% of the royalties, you can get those for just $1/song/year.
    Come check us out at http://www.traxx.space and GET YOUR MUSIC OUT THERE!

  5. Greetings all,
    Dön Harrisön here and I’m always looking to network. In fact, “Learning, sharing, and cultivating relationships” has always been my motto.
    I’m a music biz lifer, creator of ‘Oath of the Indie Musician’ (dubbed Artist Development in Verse Form), and author of ‘Take the Oath: A Practical Pocket Guide for the Indie Musician’ both available at http://www.networkordie.com and I’m part of the team bringing you Professor Pooch’s Music Business Education at http://www.professorpooch.com/Education.htm
    I’ve also migrated into film and self-publishing, sharing that info as @IndieBizCoach on Twitter and at http://www.screamfix.com for those into horror.
    Let me know if you wanna do some cool stuff together \m/

  6. Happy Holidays! I enjoy Hypebot’s daily news links & info on the music industry. I believe these are exciting times for artists with all the new tech opportunities. My husband owns Winslow Ct Studio based in Hollywood & I’m launching a new site http://www.winslowctaudio.com to share what he has learned as sound engineer & showcase the talented artists he has worked with Album Spotlights.

  7. I love this idea! I’m Amanda, a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. This past year I’ve completed a 52-week weekly song project, taken my guitar informally on a punk cruise, spontaneously sung with my favorite artist (Frank Turner) on a chair on said cruise ship, played a last-minute opening slot with two other artists I like in England on vacation/business, and busked all over NJ/NYC train stations. (You can find more about all that on my website.)
    I haven’t worked out all the details yet or told many people, but in 2017 I’m committing myself to release an EP and go on three brief (ultra low budget and no expectations) tours – northeast/Midwest, southeast/southwest and England. It’s kind of a lot but I always commit myself to a lot and somehow I’ve always found a way to follow through!
    I also want to be more involved with the music/singer-songwriter scene in New York City, so if anyone involved with that happens to read this I would love to hear from you!

  8. WE ARE ON FIRE!!!!
    One of our channels exploded and we think the other one may be ready to…Our Jenn & Rosie Reality TV hit almost 500,000 views a few days ago (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCysLIbZcnz5yMsV-tia07jg?disable_polymer=true) Now our other channel, Rosie O’Kelly (https://www.youtube.com/user/rosieokelly) is picking up steam too! We are so excited!
    We are two transgender women, one pre-op and one post-op, doing daily uploads of our life and fun times…My channel just hit 10,000 subscribers today..check us out if you want to see something REALLY different on YouTube!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  9. Hi everybody, I’m June Zhan – a music licensing and digital content expert with well-established contacts with publishers, collection societies, and labels throughout Asia Pacific. Currently holding multi-positions at Atb-intl ÖU, AdShare.tv and Midem. Credits in the past are the Conference Team Director of the Golden Melody Awards & Festival 2014-15 (Chinese & Taiwanese equivalent to the Grammys), Director of Digital Business Development at Gold Typhoon Group/EMI Taiwan, VP at Profita Publishing (Seed Music Group), and Senior Manager of License Administration Department at Rock Mobile Corp. For more details please visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/junezhan Twitter: @j_zhan

  10. Hi everyone! My name is Shannon, I’m the founder of A Song A Day. We’re a collective of curators who send hand-picked songs to listeners’ inboxes every day. In 2017, we’re looking to grow our curator community and build relationships with more small and indie labels.
    We’ve also started to book shows, in Brooklyn for now but plan to do more throughout the country this year.
    Would love to chat! Learn more here: http://www.asongaday.co/

  11. Greetings all! Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to this community – my plans for the coming year already included an entry reading, “follow the hypebot community more closely”.
    I’m a multi-instrumentalist recording artist from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley in the U.S.
    This video offers a nice glimpse of what I do in under 3 minutes for the curious/interested:
    Smoodles! – In the studio music video: https://youtu.be/ZZDWZQMvlJM
    This year I completed a year-long effort to create a video album – it’s ten songs recorded over 12 months – with in-the-studio-music-videos for each song – predominantly one musician with one camera.
    Essentially it’s a year-long rock & roll selfie.
    Blue Ajay’s meatball Surgery Video Album:
    Having completed the video album – I’ve started a new YouTube show. I’ve uploaded the first episode and I’m currently finishing the second.
    Blue Ajay’s #15minShow
    The #15minShow will be my primary artistic vehicle for the coming year – and I have a (methinks lofty) goal of 50 episodes by the end of 2017.
    I’ve been working on the workflow and architecture for this effort for the last two years – 2017 is “planned” to be the year of the output.
    Thanks again for the opportunity to introduce myself and get a bit of self-promotion off of my chest. It’s appreciated.
    Smoodles! Everybody – and to hopes for a wonderful and happy new year.
    Blue – @BoozeMonkey

  12. Hi there,
    My name is Kay Cardinal, and I’m out of Calgary, Alberta. I really like networking with people from all corners of the industry! Hyperbot also provides a plethora of info that I value!
    I run an A class recording studio, as well as a school for audio engineering and production, and an artist development company.
    In 2017 I will be working on BD for the studio; we cover all audio related projects – musical, post production, audio for gaming, applications, digital assets, VO, audio books etc.
    I am interested in networking with individuals in the US who are interested in doing business in Canada to take advantage of the lower price.
    Also I am searching for top shelf professional producers, songwriters, composers, and all sorts of industry professionals who would like to connect and collaborate.
    Please do get in touch if you think it’s a fit!

  13. Greetings,
    My name is Ced 1 and I am the Music Content Editor for Independent Music and Media. We are looking to promote and connect independent musicians with potential fans. We would like to connect with more independent musicians and music media outlets in 2017. Check out our website, Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
    We want to promote your website, Soundcloud page, Spotify page, etc. and get more potential fans to your music or media outlet. So let us know you’re out there.
    And may 2017 be bigger and better for you.
    Happy New Year!
    – Ced 1

  14. hey,
    i am not interested in selling anything, including my music. promoting it is an exercise in narcissism. i am a content creator for myself. the stuff i create is a way to look at how i process my view of the world. words and music offer a mirror for reflection. not a “brand” or “platform”, just a personal perspective not intended for commerce. if art becomes commerce, it’s not art, it’s just opm (other people’s money). how sad.
    soundcloud – with love – muscle shoals, alabama

  15. Hello everyone! I’m an (urban) entertainment booking agent who specializes in working with new and first-time concert promoters, giving them the assistance and information they need to succeed.
    Happy New Year from the staff at http://www.eJams.net

  16. Hi everyone,
    I am a talent manager and entertainment business consultant, I operated a talent management company here in Miramar FL, called @JamDung Entertainment Management, also an internet radio @IrieVybz Radio.

  17. Hi! I am Kenya, and I am a Producer / Studio Owner / Record Label Owner (El Cerrito Records, El Cerrito Studio).

  18. Hey everybody, Kevin Pajak here, I run an electronic music online community and music discovery portal, Electrofans.com. Would love to hear from anybody who may be interested in hearing more or getting involved.
    Based in San Francisco, we are a music/events promotion company, as well as “electronic music fan community,” search engine, and news portal.
    – Provide a complete platform on the web where electronic music fans can discover, talk about, and listen to all kinds of great music, from both their favorite names in progressive, house, deep, drum and bass, and more, as well as new up and coming artists & DJs.
    – Help electronic music producers, DJs, and record labels showcase their work to a worldwide, highly-engaged audience.
    What can you do on ELECTROFANS.COM?
    · Keep up-to-date with latest news & info on over 400 electronic music artists & DJs.
    · More than 50 record labels, podcasts, & 20 categories of electronica represented.
    · Extensive, customizable search by up to 8 different criteria.
    · Information on upcoming shows/events.
    · Share your favorite hot tracks/artists (SoundCloud/Youtube/Mixcloud/Facebook Music Likes) on your profile page.
    · Create multiple playlists.
    · Chat with/message other fans (and DJs/artists!) from around the world.
    · Listen to more music than you can shake a stick at with several artist pop-up music players & mixes.
    · Special feature articles, interviews, & guest mixes.
    And this is only the very beginning!!

  19. Hello my name is Dior ( aka Artisan). I am an EDM producer from Memphis, Tn. I mainly work in the genres of electro, dubstep, and trance. I have done a couple of remixes but now I am working on my debut EP and looking for some singers and collaborate with. You can listen to my tracks at https://soundcloud.com/artisanmuzik/tracks and I am very open to feedback as it is the best way to learn and improve. Also please feel free to ask me any questions about music promotion as I have a background in sales in marketing and have helped other artists promote their work. Thanks for the opportunity to share and I look forward to hearing from you!

  20. Hi All,
    Today my statup, The Song Market, launched our pre beta. We are a social platform for predicting and discover the next hit songs. Think fantasy football for music. We would love any feedback we can get on how to make the experience better, and I am glad to do the same for you.
    Thank you!

  21. Hello my name is David and am based in Sheffield, England. I have been the executive producer of a 10 track Album Gravel House Project. All the songs are original and high quality. Themes are about relationships and love lost and found but also wider issues like space and time. I would appreciate advice about effective ways to get the music ‘out there’. I have tried online and offline radio, local radio, student radio, music blogs, music publishers, music supervisors, music libraries etc. and had some responses but not great! I consider these songs to be worthy of wider ‘reach’ – do I need to pay for promotion and marketing? If so where should I target a budget? You can check out the tracks at http://www.thegravelhouseproject.com

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