Track Your Direct-to-Fan Music and Merch Sales with Flyt’s Free Url Shortener

(1)Flyt, a new tool for artists and labels looking for help navigating a direct-to-fan sales landscape, flyt acts a url shortener and sales tracker for artists using services like Shopify and Magento.


Guest post by Clyde Smith

If you're a musician or label seeking new tools to navigate a rapidly changing direct-to-fan sales landscape, flyt is an url shortener, sales tracker and affiliate money maker of which you should be aware. A free service from music media buying firm Dash Two, flyt can shorten any url for tracking. Free plugins for Shopify and Magento stores enable flyt to track direct-to-fan response from first click to final sale. Bonus Option: automated affiliate earnings from sales of music downloads from iTunes and Google Play.
flyt: Link Shortener, Sales Tracker, Money Maker
Dash Two launched flyt in January 2016 allowing you to shorten links, including urls with tracking codes, and then track the clickthroughs to their destination. This free service includes a dashboard with an overview of clicks, sales and basic stats.

Going Direct-to-Fan
To support the growing direct-to-fan movement taking off at all levels of the music industry, Dash Two also developed free flyt plugins for Shopify and Magento stores now used by a wide range of bands for direct-to-fan ecommerce.
This integration enables you to create links to whatever your're selling via your band's store and track fan response from the web, social networks and email all the way through to purchase.
You can also get a quick take on your campaign as soon as fans start responding. So flyt can help you dig more deeply into what's working and optimize your campaign if elements need tweaking.
flyt also enables tracking multiple shops via one account, for example, when a label or manager has responsibility for multiple acts.
Affiliate Music Download Sales
flyt can be used to shorten and track any url that you wish. However, in addition to the above direct-to-fan shop integrations, flyt is integrated with affiliate programs for sales of digital music from iTunes and Google Play. 
This feature allows you to create a link to music on iTunes or Google Play and if customers click through and purchase the music you'll receive a small percentage.
flyt handles the affiliate back-end, including globalizing the links to send potential customers to their regional digital outlet, and passes 80% of affiliate sales revenue on to you.
flyt can be used by anyone to promote music from artists on their own websites to bloggers covering a wide range of music.
Adapting To A Changing Industry
flyt is a great tool supporting the shift to direct-to-fan relationships and sales. It makes tracking campaigns to artists' stores a much simpler process.
As fans shift to streaming from downloads, flyt also makes it easier to include affiliate sales as a minor revenue source in a larger, shifting bundle of revenue streams.
By making it easier to adjust to a changing landscape, flyt is helping build the bridge between the old and new music industries.

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