Which Apple Music Playlists Get You The Most New Fans?

image from pre02.deviantart.netCurated playlists are how many fans listen to and discover music; and a great way for independent artists to market their music. But which Apple Music playlists deliver the most new fans?


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Want to know which Apple Music playlists help gain the most fans for new music?

Follower counts only tell half the story. So indie music services firm AWAL dug into the data and found the most engaged playlists on Apple Music. These are where fans are listening to and saving the most music.

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Note that none of the Top 5 playlists were created by independent curators.

1.Grime 2.0
By Apple Music Hip-Hop

2. The A-List: Singer/Songwriter
By Apple Music Singer/Songwriter

3. The A-List: Country
By Apple Music Country

4. Feels
By Apple

5. Chilled Out Singer/Songwriter
By Apple Music Singer/Songwriter

Based on streams from tracks released in 2016, focusing on top  Apple Music playlists.

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